BlackOak Management
BlackOak Managment

California License Number: 01893049

Agricultural / Farm Brokerage

Our dedicated farm / agriculture brokerage effort has several key elements.

Professionalism and client focus. We focus on providing consistent and timely service to our clients. Successful marketing of agricultural properties requires attention to detail and hard work.

  • Proper execution of details drives success.
  • Professional marketing mailers and brochures.
  • Follow-up with prospective buyers.

Market knowledge. Values of individual farm properties vary considerably. Factors include location, water rights (e.g., district water, ground water), access, soils, physical improvements (e.g., irrigation systems, buildings) and existing crops or trees, if any. Smaller farm properties often have residential buildings (or the potential to develop them) and these usually add value. Proper pricing of your listing is essential to successful marketing and execution.

Comprehensive marketing strategy. We employ a layered approach to successfully market properties. This includes both “push” and “pull” techniques. These include:

  • Electronic advertisement channels that are best for your property (e.g., MLS, Loopnet, etc.)
  • Mailing campaign to broadcast the availability of your property to owners who might not otherwise hear about it.
  • Direct calling campaign to local property owners and active farm buyers.
  • Consistent follow-up with buyer prospects.

We ourselfs are owners of income generating properties and appreciate the diligence required to successfully operate agricultural businesses. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your options.