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Property Management

Onsite Management. One of the most important people to your property is the onsite manager. This person is your "face" to prospective tenants. A qualified and trained onsite manager will attract quality tenants and retain them. An unqualified onsite manager will lose tenants and not attract new ones. For properties that are smaller than 50 units, attracting and retaining a qualified onsite manager can be particularly challenging because it may not be a full-time position. Our expertise is in finding and retaining effective onsite managers at a reasonable cost.

Our placement of a property manager at each property is usually a unique solution that depends upon the size of the property and its location. For example, often the most cost effective manager at a smaller property is the maintenance person who resides onsite. Although perhaps less adept at the marketing function, such a person is usually available real-time to show units, and can be employed at a relatively low cost. We often use a single manager to manage a geographic cluster of properties. We would be pleased to discuss with you our particular recommendation for your onsite property needs.

Offsite Management. As your offsite manager, we provide three essential functions. The first is an accounting function that is relatively straightforward. The main benefit our accounting department provides is economies of scale. Because we manage many properties, we provide this service to you in a structured, consistent manner.

Probably the more important element of offsite management involves effective documentation management and operations. Regarding documentation management, we have a library of rental agreements and other forms. We are familiar with the rent control ordinances of most cities and counties, as well as other recent legal rulings and regulations. Apartment owners can get themselves in legal trouble with tenant rights groups by either not following current law, or by applying their own procedures inconsistently. We maintain policies and procedures for communicating with tenants and processing evictions.